Wardrobe Management

This session sorts through your seasonal wardrobe, building outfits, editing, recycling and planning a shopping list.

We work closely with our tailor to alter and redesign existing pieces as well as create new designs for items which may make complete or create functional outfits along with the accessories to make them work. We believe in putting value into the wardrobe, quality and perfect style.

At the end of the session we will have sorted the wardrobe into remaining outfits, items for sale, items for charity, items for altering or redesigning. We will also have created a shopping list for items required to make existing pieces into outfits or to complete your functional wardrobe.

Fees £200 for standard 2 hours and £50ph for extra hours (usually starting after 2.5hours).

Note: Wardrobe Management should follow a Styling session either by Skype or One to One.

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