Working with Gill has been truly transformational. I had always struggled with my clothes with a poor understanding of what suited me or how to put things together. Shopping for clothes was always a miserable, stressful and expensive experience. I had a full wardrobe of clothes, mainly black, but still nothing to wear.

With her guidance and gentle coaching I now have a balanced wardrobe, with clothes I feel good about for all occasions, whether work, going out or even the casual rush to supermarket or gym! She has a real talent and works entirely individually without any of the formulaic approaches you may find elsewhere. She has helped me think about my whole lifestyle and image that I want to create that work with my body shape and age. She has brought a real sense of style and ease to my appearance, it is great to hear the compliments I now receive!

She is a pleasure to work with. She is supportive, encouraging and, when necessary, gently challenging. The days of struggling to find something to wear and worrying about whether I look OK are things of the past. Clothes shopping is now a real treat and no longer a case of throwing good money after bad. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I have been receiving coaching through work to help with my progression to partner (top 20 accountancy firm) and it was suggested I should see an image consultant too. Gill came recommended from my coach.

Gill not only explored fashion and styles with me to understand what I liked and would feel comfortable with, but also got to know me as an individual and spending time learning about the culture of the firm. Gill really opened my eyes and highlighted some of the misconceptions and preconceptions I had regarding my work wardrobe. She has picked out some lovely items that I would never have dared try on myself. She has taught me about what works best for my body shape, skin tones and hair. She also helped me with my hair, make-up and glasses as well as evening and weekend outfits. Gill is gentle yet firm and really knows what works.

I love my capsule wardrobe and this has given me a new-found confidence in my appearance to ‘lean in’ at work and in particular when I meet clients and contacts. I now have a very stylish, varied, feminine yet professional work wardrobe – thank you Gill.

I have worked with Gill over the past few months and she has always provided top class service. She has lots of ideas and goes out of her way to ensure great results. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist!

Thank you for a very enjoyable and remarkably painless day!
You combine the skills of an artist and a therapist…

Dear Gill


I hope you are well and surviving the heatwave. As hot as Ibiza (and they said it was like August weather there).

The wedding was completely amazing and I am just coming down. I was so happy with my clothes—I felt really comfortable in them, and thought I looked good. I got great feedback (even bearing in mind that people have to be nice to you if you are the MOG!). And even from the friend who would have liked to see me in a trad little dress. I may even have found you another client…

Needless to say, I wore the McQ dress to the wedding. I felt it looked better and more finished with the ribbon than without. So perhaps couture is your next venture.

Anyway obviously I can’t thank you enough, both for the result and for the whole process which was a fun (almost—also scary at the beginning) experience with you. Thank you for your engagement and patience and companionship.

I would love some help with AW 2015. As you may remember, I have English afternoon/evening weddings in Oct and Dec, so need an outfit for them. And also things to wear on all the other days…

Simply put, Gill makes you the best that you can be. She is the perfect clever, connected, impartial and gently honest friend you need when you go shopping who focuses solely on you. She makes you see yourself differently, finds just what you need to make you look and feel terrific and does it all with grace, humour and panache. She is wonderful.

Dear Gill

Thank you for really opening up my view of the clothes that I can wear and for meeting my requirements so percipiently and creatively. I too very much enjoyed the process and look forward to a new season’s “demands”.

‪I’ve worked with Gill for a number of years now – a recommendation in itself! She uses her styling expertise and combines this with bags of empathy to enable clients to feel great about themselves and venture into pastures new stylistically. One of the best decisions I’ve made.

Finally, a painless way to shop for a man! After an initial consultation with Gill she completely got what kind of clothing I was looking for! A couple of hours pre shop made for a totally hassle free experience. There was no having to spend hours rummaging through endless rails of designers I know nothing about! It was a very efficient way to spend the day and I came back with a wonderful selection of clothes I love and have worn over and over again!

I have had a number of comments this week about my “transformation” – “10 years younger” ” looks as though you have lost 3 stone” …

The power of Gill…

I had to make quite a serious announcement to my department in the US yesterday and obviously I told them at the end that if they had any questions or concerns they should come and speak to me separately.

One advisor took me to one side afterwards and said quietly ‘thanks for saying we could ask you questions. I do have one actually. Where did you get that jacket? It’s gorgeous!’

quote of the day…

Quote from junior colleague who stuck her head into my office: ‘ can I just say I absolutely love what you’re wearing today and I think you look amazing. I don’t normally notice things like that and I just had to say something’.

I have been inundated all day with compliments

Having had my wardrobe (and confidence) completely transformed by Gill over several years, I finally managed to persuade my husband to give it a try. Within one session he was hooked – he now always looks stylish, trimmer and much younger! Gill appreciated quickly that he didn’t like to ‘shop’ and so selects things for him to review/try from home.

My wife has been shopping with Gill for 4 years now. Her wardrobe has been transformed and now exudes quality and colour. Gill’s attention to detail and innate understanding of what looks good has helped us both find our look, both at work and at home.

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