Personal styling

Being stylish comes from being connected with your clothes, they should express your personality and identity, providing you with the confidence that comes from feeling like you, the best of you. Styling is therefore the first step in revitalising your wardrobe and look.


We have three styling services:

1. Face-to-Face Styling

The session will take you through:


Revisiting who you are and how you express yourself, using style icons, style trends, fashion shows and looking into the past for sources of inspiration to define your personal style.


The shape of your clothing should compliment your figure but not compromise your style. You’ll be given advice on what shapes to look for to flatter as well as tips on fit, tailoring and materials.


Choosing a base and complimentary colours for you to build your wardrobe around.

At the end of the session you will be focused on a Style that inspires you and will be key in rebuilding and refining your wardrobe choices. You will have a Personal Style definition, and Personal Shape and Colour cards are created and delivered to you after the session. (See examples below.)

The stylist will take you through items and ideas online for inspiration to consolidate what you have discovered during the session.

Fees – £200 for a standard 2 hour session

2. Remote Skype Styling

If you live outside a two hour radius of London you can still benefit from a Styling session with Prescribe via Skype. You will still receive all the same information and personalised Shape and Colour cards described in ‘One to One Styling’ above.

Fees – £150 for standard 2 hour session

We can also offer a remote shopping selection using Pinterest to send you outfit options from online retail shops. (See Personal shopping HERE.)

 3. Condensed Styling

You may have a good sense of your self and what suits you but feel you’re not achieving the look you aspire too.

A Condensed Styling session gives you a chance to think through your Personal Style and how to realize it though the clothing items you choose, where to shop and how to make the best of your figure and tips on wearing colour. It usually precedes a Wardrobe Management session and ensures that by confirming and defining your Style first you get full value out of the Wardrobe review.

Fees – £100 for a standard 1 hour session

Example style icon references:

Example shape card:

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